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Looking for a reliable supplier for your custom toilet paper needs? Our company specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality customized toilet paper rolls at wholesale prices. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we offer a wide range of customization options to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need custom branding, unique packaging, or special sizing, we've got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Introduction of Custom Toilet Paper

Welcome to our custom toilet paper service, where we offer a range of customization options to suit your needs. From the type of paper material and thickness to the dimensions of the paper tube, roll height, sheet length, total length, roll diameter, and outer packaging, we've got you covered.

If you already have specific product specifications in mind, feel free to email us directly for a quote. (

If you're unsure about your requirements or new to customizing products, we're here to guide you through every detail and the customization process. We'll also recommend popular and best-selling product specifications for your reference.

Customization Options

  • Toilet Paper Raw Material

Toilet paper is made from a variety of plant-based materials, such as wood, bagasse, bamboo, straw, sugar cane, wheat straw, reed, waste paper, and other plant fibers. These materials are processed into pulp through cutting, breaking, deinking, bleaching, and other methods. The raw materials mentioned primarily consist of plant fibers used in paper pulp production. In actual production, other plant fibers and chemical components are included in certain proportions based on product requirements.

wood pulp toilet paper

Wood Pulp

bamboo pulp toilet paper

Bamboo Pulp

mix pulp toilet paper

Mixed Pulp

sugar cane paper

Sugar Cane Pulp

recycled pulp toilet paper

Recycle Pulp

Our most commonly used raw materials for paper are wood pulp paper, bamboo pulp paper, and recycled paper.Here is an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses:

Wood Pulp Bamboo Pulp Recycled Pulp
Source Made from virgin wood fibers, often from trees like spruce, pine, or fir. Made from bamboo, a fast-growing and renewable resource. Made from post-consumer waste or pre-consumer waste such as scraps from manufacturing.
Quality High quality and soft,offering good strength and durability. Premium toilet paper. Strong and durable. Recycled paper toilet paper have a rougher texture and lower strength.
Environmental Impact Can contribute to deforestation and habitat loss if not sustainably sourced. Bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested sustainably, making it a more eco-friendly option. Reduces the demand for virgin wood fibers, conserving forests and reducing landfill waste.
Cost Often cost-effective due to widespread availability. The production volume is not as large as wood pulp, some specifications are priced higher, and some specifications are priced the same as wood pulp. Low prices.
  • Toilet Paper Thickness

GSM is used to describe the thickness of paper. (GSM: gram per square meter) . Please tell us the GSM of the paper toilet roll you ordered. If you are unsure of the GSM, please provide us with other specifications so that we can calculate the GSM of the original paper. Of course, it would be more accurate if you could send us samples for measu rement. The following is our standard base paper thickness:

 Recycle pulp: 16gsm, 17gsm,18gsm,19gsm,20gsm,22gsm

Wood pulp: 13.5gsm,15gsm,16gsm,17gsm,18gsm,19gsm,20gsm,22gsm

17-22gsm is usually used for 1ply toilet paper

13.5-16gsm is usually used for 2ply toilet paper

Because the softness, water absorption, and toughness of base paper vary with different thicknesses. So we usually need to consider the length, thickness, and price of the roll paper comprehensively to choose the best cost-effective product. We warmly welcome you to contact us and discuss your products together.(

  • Embossing of Customized Toilet paper

Embossed toilet paper can make the product look more beautiful, and it will also appear more fluffy and large roll.

We can choose embossing or no embossing. The embossed paper will become thinner and feel softer. However, the toughness of the paper will be reduced after embossing. Because the embossed toilet paper is more fluffy, the roll diameter will become larger. If you have any questions about this, please contact us to discuss your customized products. Hope we can help you more when you intend to make a custom toilet paper OEM order.(

  • Paper Ply of Customisable Toilet Paper

Kindly let us know the number of toilet paper layers you wish to customize toilet paper. If you're in the process of introducing a new product, you can gauge the appropriate layer count by examining the offerings of your competitors.

single ply toilet paper

single ply toilet paper

2 ply toilet tissue

two ply toilet paper

3 ply toilet paper

three ply toilet paper

4 ply toilet paper

four ply toilet paper

We have the capacity to manufacture toilet paper in varying layers: 1 ply toilet paper, 2 ply toilet tissue, 3 ply toilet paper, and 4 ply toilet paper. Each layer can offer different sheet lengths, making it a great fit for budget-friendly options. Among these, our double ply toilet paper boasts the highest export demand due to its excellent cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, the triple ply toilet paper and four ply toilet paper options are typically positioned as premium choices. If required, we can enhance the quality of our three-layer toilet paper by incorporating adhesive to prevent separation, elevating its status as a high-end selection.

  • Diameter of Toilet Paper Roll Core

Different paper dispensers are equipped with different paper cores. Please be sure to confirm the requirements of the paper dispenser on the paper core.

toilet tissue 2 ply

toilet paper with core of 4.5cm

toilet paper with core of 4.0cm

small core toilet paper

small core toilet paper with core of 2.5cm

coreless toilet roll

coreless toilet roll

Jumbo Roll Toilet paper with core of 8.4cm

Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper with Core of 7.6cm

The paper core of the jumbo roll toilet paper should be matched with the dispenser. If the paper core of 8.4cm is installed on the dispenser with 7.6cm core, it will be easy to break the paper. And the jumbo roll with core of 7.6cm cannot be installed in the dispenser suitable for 8.4 paper core.Hope we can help you more when you intend to make a custom toilet paper OEM order.

  • Size of Custom Toilet Paper

In addition to the base paper and the paper core, the roll width, sheet count, roll length, and roll diameter are also crucial factors for custom toilet paper rolls. Rolls can be perforated or non-perforated. For perforated rolls, the number of sheets per roll needs to be confirmed, while for non-perforated rolls, the length of the roll in meters needs to be specified.

diameter of toilet paper roll
Standard Roll Toilet Paper Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper
Roll Width 8.8cm,9cm,9.9cm,10cm,10.6cm,11.2cm/OEM 8.8cm,9cm,9.2cm,9.5cm
Sheet Length 8.4cm,9.2cm,9.7cm,10cm,10.5cm,11cm/OEM 20cm, 25cm/OEM
Sheet Count 180/200/300/400/500/1000sheets/OEM
Roll Length 155m, 226m,250m,300m,400m/OEM
Roll Diameter 9cm, 9.5cm,10cm,10.5cm,11cm,11.5cm,12cm,12.3cm,13cm 18cm,19cm,20cm,22cm,22.5cm,23m,23.5cm,24m,25cm
  • Package of Toilet Paper Customize

Single Roll Toilet Paper (Wrapped with Paper Cover)

10 roll printing medium bag

One Roll of Toilet Paper(Wrapped with Plastic Paper)

12 roll printing medium bag

4 rolls per Printed Pack

bulk toilet paper 96 rolls

6 roll printing medium bag

12 Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper

The middle bag with printing is designed for smaller rolls that lack individual packaging. On the other hand, the transparent middle bag is ideal for rolls with individually printed packaging.

Normally, jumbo toilet paper is first individually shrink-wrapped before being placed into cartons. These cartons typically contain 12 rolls toilet tissue jumbo each, although variations can include 8 or 4 rolls per carton as well.

Tailoring toilet paper to specific preferences and buying patterns can significantly boost sales. Whether it's providing toilet paper customized for individual tastes or offering toilet paper bulk options with 96 rolls, we are well-equipped to fulfill diverse demands. Adapting our packaging strategies to various markets and consumer behaviors is pivotal in driving higher sales volumes.

Any question about toilet paper OEM, don't hesitate to let us know. Welcome to email us! (

Custom Toilet Paper Bulk Ordering and Pricing

The custom product process involves the following steps:

  1. Product specification confirmation: Once you've selected the product specifications, we'll confirm the details with you to ensure accuracy.
  2. Price confirmation: After confirming the specifications, we'll provide you with a final price for approval.
  3. Sign the contract: Upon price confirmation, a contract will be drafted and signed by both parties to formalize the agreement.
  4. Payment of deposit: To initiate production, a deposit payment is required as specified in the contract terms.
  5. Packaging draft confirmation: We'll provide a packaging draft for your approval before proceeding with production.
  6. Production: Once the deposit is received and packaging is confirmed, production will commence according to your specifications.
  7. Final payment: Upon completion of production, the final payment is required before shipping.
  8. Booking of shipment: Booking shipping space with the buyer's designated freight forwarder or our recommended freight forwarder.
  9. Loading container: After receiving the final payment, the products will be loaded into the container for shipment.
  10. Boarding the ship: The container will be transported to the port and loaded onto the ship for delivery to your designated destination.

Throughout the process, we ensure clear communication and transparency to meet your customization needs.


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