Kitchen Paper Towel

Product Name: Kitchen Paper Towel

Material: Virgin wood pulp / Bamboo pulp

Layer: 2 ply / 3 ply

Colour: white / brown

Sample: sample is free, and shipping cost paid by buyer


Virgin wood pulp / Bamboo pulp


white / brown


2ply / 3ply


18gsm / 19gsm / 20gsm / 22gsm / 24gsm


wave embossed


plain / 2 color printed

Roll width

22cm / 23cm / 27.5cm / 28cm

Core diameter


Roll diameter


Packing Style

24 rolls/bag, 48rolls / carton


28800 rolls

Delivery time: depends on product, normally in 10-35 days

Port of lading : YANTIAN, SHEKOU, NANSHA

Payment: 100% T/T,Paypal , Wester Union , L/C

30% deposit, balance against B/L

FAQ - Kitchen Paper Towels

1. What is a kitchen roll?

A kitchen roll, also known as kitchen paper or kitchen towels paper, is a roll of absorbent paper designed for cleaning up spills, drying hands, and other kitchen uses.

2. What are the dimensions of your kitchen paper towels?

Our kitchen paper towel dimensions vary, but a standard roll typically measures 11 inches in length and 6 inches in width per sheet. We offer different sizes to meet various needs.

3. What is kitchen roll used for?

Kitchen roll is used for a variety of purposes, including wiping surfaces, cleaning spills, drying hands, and general kitchen cleanup. It's an essential item for maintaining kitchen hygiene.

4. Where to put paper towels in the kitchen?

Paper towels can be placed on a countertop holder, inside a cabinet, or mounted on a wall or under a cabinet for easy access. Consider options that keep them handy but out of sight for a tidier look.

5. How to hide paper towels in the kitchen?

To hide paper towels in the kitchen, you can use an under-cabinet paper towel holder, place them in a drawer, or use a decorative cover that matches your kitchen decor.

6. Can you put kitchen roll in the oven?

No, kitchen roll should not be put in the oven as it can catch fire. Kitchen roll is not heat-resistant and is intended for cleaning and absorbing liquids only.

7. Will kitchen roll block the toilet?

Yes, kitchen roll can block the toilet because it is thicker and more absorbent than toilet paper. It is not designed to break down in water as toilet paper does.

8. What are the uses of kitchen paper?

Kitchen paper uses include wiping up spills, cleaning surfaces, drying hands, and general kitchen cleanup. It's versatile and can be used for various household tasks.

9. Is kitchen paper recyclable?

Used kitchen paper that is clean can be recycled. However, paper towels soiled with food waste, grease, or chemicals should not be recycled and should be disposed of in the trash.

10. What is the price of kitchen tissue?

The price of kitchen tissue varies depending on the brand, quality, and quantity. For wholesale prices and bulk orders, please contact our sales team for more information.

11. Do you offer sustainable kitchen roll options?

Yes, we offer sustainable kitchen roll options, including bamboo kitchen roll, which is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

12. Can you provide kitchen roll wholesale?

Yes, we offer kitchen roll wholesale for businesses and bulk purchasers. Contact us for competitive pricing and bulk order details.

13. What is the difference between kitchen roll and kitchen tissue?

Kitchen roll and kitchen tissue are often used interchangeably. Both terms refer to rolls of absorbent paper used for cleaning and drying in the kitchen.

14. What are kitchen paper towels made from?

Our kitchen paper towels are made from high-quality, absorbent paper materials. We also offer options made from sustainable materials like bamboo.

15. Do you offer kitchen paper rolls in different colors?

Yes, we offer kitchen paper rolls in various colors, including the popular plenty white kitchen roll and nature color roll.

16. Where can I buy your kitchen paper towels?

You can contact our sales team for wholesale and bulk order options.

17. How to choose the best kitchen paper towel for my needs?

Consider the absorbency, strength, size, and sustainability of the kitchen paper towel. We offer a variety of options to suit different needs and preferences.

18. Are kitchen tissue rolls available in bulk?

Yes, we offer kitchen tissue rolls in bulk for businesses and large households. Contact us for bulk pricing and availability.

19. Do you provide custom kitchen paper towel options?

Yes, we offer custom kitchen paper towel options to meet specific needs, including different sizes, materials, and packaging.

20. What are the benefits of bamboo kitchen roll?

Bamboo kitchen roll is eco-friendly, highly absorbent, strong, and biodegradable. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional paper kitchen rolls.

21. Can your kitchen paper towels be printed with custom designs?

Yes, our kitchen paper towels can be printed with custom designs. Printed kitchen paper towels are slightly more expensive than plain ones due to the printing process. If you choose to use your own custom designs, an additional setup fee for the printing plates will be required. Please contact us for detailed pricing and customization options.

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Q: Do you have any certificate?
A: we have passed ISO9001 certification.

Q: How can I get the most competitive price?
A: Please send us the email and provide as much detail specifications as possible. Like size, material, weight, ply, package, printing, quantity etc. The more detail information you provide, the more accurate we can quote you the price.

Q: What can I do if I can't provide such detail specification?
A: Please send us the information as much as you know. We will make a price for your reference which based on our experience. If you really have no idea of the specs, please try to find some photos of the products.

Q: can I make samples according to my own specifications?
A: Yes. We can. But there is sample charge between USD100.00 to USD300.00.

Q: Is the sample charge refundable?
A: Yes. We will deduct the sample charge from your order.

Q: How long does it take to make sample?
A: It's about 10 to 15 days.

Q: What's the production lead time?
A: It depends on the quantity. It varies from 10 to 35 days.


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