Facial Tissue

    Facial Tissue Classification and Purchasing Guidelines

    1. Classification of Facial Tissue

    Facial tissues are categorized based on various factors to meet different needs and preferences. Here are the primary classifications:

    1.1By Usage

    • Standard Facial Tissues: Commonly used for everyday purposes, such as blowing noses or wiping faces.
    • Lotion Facial Tissues: Infused with lotion or aloe to provide extra softness and soothe sensitive skin. (We are currently unable to supply this type of product.)
    • Anti-viral Facial Tissues: Treated with substances to help kill viruses and reduce the spread of germs.(We are currently unable to supply this type of product.)

    1.2 By Ply

    • Single-ply Tissues: Made from one layer of paper, these are typically thinner and more economical.
    • Two-ply Tissues: Consist of two layers of paper, offering better absorbency and strength.
    • Three-ply or Four-ply Tissues: Comprising three or four layers of paper, these tissues provide the highest level of absorbency and softness.

    1.3By Material

    • Recycled Pulp Tissues: Made from post-consumer recycled paper, offering an eco-friendly option.(We are currently unable to supply this type of product.)
    • Virgin Wood Pulp Tissues: Made from new wood pulp, providing a soft and strong tissue.
    • Bamboo Pulp Tissues: An environmentally sustainable option made from bamboo fibers. Typically natural in color.

    1.4By Color

    • White Tissues: The most common type, suitable for all purposes.
    • Natural (Unbleached) Tissues: Eco-friendly and free from bleaching chemicals.
    • Colored Tissues: Available in various colors to match different aesthetic preferences.(We are currently unable to supply this type of product.)

    1.5By Packaging Type

    • Boxed Tissues: Conveniently packaged in boxes, ideal for home and office use.
    • Pocket Tissues: Small, portable packs perfect for on-the-go use.
    • Refill Packs: Larger quantities designed to refill dispensers.

    2. Specification Terms for Facial Tissue

    When purchasing facial tissues in bulk, it is crucial to understand the detailed specifications:

    • Color: Specify the desired tissue color.
    • Raw Materials: Choose between recycled pulp, virgin wood pulp, or bamboo pulp.
    • Thickness: Determine the ply required for your needs (single-ply, two-ply, or three-ply).
    • Folding Method: Specify the folding style, such as flat or interfolded.
    • Dimensions: Provide the size of the tissue before and after folding.
    • Packaging: Details such as how each pack is wrapped, quantity per pack, and whether packaging requires printing.
    • Quantity: Number of packs per box and boxes per shipment.
    • Outer Box Design: Customizable design for branding or informational purposes.

    3. How to Choose

    To facilitate your selection process for facial tissues:

    3.1 If you have specific specifications:

    Provide the detailed requirements, and we can offer an accurate quote based on those specifications.

    3.2 If you are unsure about specifications but have samples:

    Send us the samples, and we will measure and analyze them to provide an accurate quote.

    3.3 If you do not have exact specifications or samples but have a competitor's product:

    Send us the details of the competitor's product. If available online, provide images or links for reference, and we can offer a comparative quote.

    3.4 If none of the above options apply:

    Describe your target market and usage scenario, and we will leverage our extensive experience to recommend suitable product specifications. You can also refer to our catalog for more information.