Paper Napkin

    Paper Napkin Classification and Purchasing Guidelines

    1. Classification of Paper Napkins

    1.1 By Usage Scenario

    Paper napkins are categorized based on their intended use:

    • Cocktail Napkins: Designed for use in bars and pubs, these napkins are typically smaller and more absorbent to handle spills and condensation.
    • Lunch Napkins: Suitable for casual dining and everyday use, these napkins balance size and absorbency.
    • Dinner Napkins: Larger in size and more elegant, ideal for formal dining occasions and events.
    • Fast Food Napkins: Compact and efficient, these napkins are designed for quick-service restaurants and takeaways.

    1.2 By Ply

    Paper napkins are classified based on the number of layers:

    • Single-ply Napkins: Cost-effective and suitable for light use.
    • Double-ply Napkins: More durable and absorbent, suitable for heavier use and spills.

    1.3 By Raw Material

    Napkins are differentiated by the type of paper used:

    • Recycled Napkins: Made from post-consumer recycled paper, these napkins are environmentally friendly.
    • Wood Pulp Napkins: Standard napkins made from virgin wood pulp, offering reliable absorbency.
    • Bamboo Pulp Napkins: Known for their sustainability, bamboo pulp napkins offer similar performance to wood pulp with reduced environmental impact.

    1.4 By Paper Color

    Napkins come in various colors to suit different themes and preferences:

    • White Napkins: Classic and versatile, suitable for a wide range of settings.
    • Natural (Unbleached) Napkins: Eco-friendly option with a natural look, often chosen for rustic or environmentally conscious settings.
    • Brown Napkins: A neutral alternative to white, providing a warm and earthy tone.
    • Colored Napkins: Available in a spectrum of colors, these napkins can be matched to specific themes or branding colors.

    1.5 By Napkin Holder Type

    Different types of napkin dispensing methods include:

    • High Fold Napkins: Folded to fit higher-capacity dispensers, reducing refill frequency.
    • Low Fold Napkins: Compact and economical, suitable for smaller dispensers or tabletop use.
    • XP Napkins: Extra performance napkins designed for high-traffic environments, offering enhanced durability and absorbency.
    • Simple Napkins: Basic, cost-effective napkins suitable for everyday use in various settings.

    1.6 By Folding Method

    Napkins are folded in different ways to meet specific needs:

    • Half Fold Napkins: Folded once to provide a standard square napkin shape.
    • Quarter Fold Napkins: Folded twice to create a smaller, more compact square. It's available for cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins  interfold napkins and dinner napkins.
    • Sixth Fold Napkins: Folded multiple times for a smaller, elegant presentation. It's available for tall fold napkins and low fold napkins.
    • Eighth Fold Napkins: Folded further to maximize napkin quantity per dispenser or package. It's available for luneon napkins and dinner napkins.

    2. Specification Terms for Paper Napkins

    When purchasing paper napkins in bulk, detailed specifications include:

    • Color: Specify the desired napkin color, white, black, brown or other.
    • Raw Materials: recycled, wood pulp, or bamboo pulp.
    • Thickness: Thickness level required for absorbency and durability. 16-20gsm for 1ply and  30-36gsm for 2ply.
    • Folding Method: Specify the folding style (e.g., half fold, quarter fold).
    • Dimensions: Size before and after folding.
    • Packaging: Details such as how each pack is wrapped, quantity per pack, and whether packaging needs printing.
    • Quantity: Number of packs per box and boxes per shipment.
    • Outer Box Design: Customizable design for branding or informational purposes.

    3. How to Choose

    To streamline the selection process:

    • Specific Specifications: Provide detailed requirements for accurate quoting.
    • Samples Available: Send samples for precise measurement and assessment.
    • Competitor Comparison: Share competitor napkin details for comparative quoting.
    • Expert Recommendations: Describe your market and usage scenario for tailored recommendations based on industry expertise. Additionally, consult our catalog for comprehensive product information.