Can facial tissue be thrown into the toilet?

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Facial Tissue, Toilet Paper | 0 comments

Sometimes when we run out of toilet paper at home, unfortunately we just don't have any in stock, we might use facial tissue instead. Some people may worry about whether the toilet will be blocked after using facial tissue? Can facial tissue be used in the bathroom? In fact, facial tissue is generally not allowed to throw into the toilet. Because the tissue paper is used to clean the face or hands, the wet strength agent is generally added in the production process to make the tissue more flexible and not easy to tear. If we do not add the agent, the facial tissue paper will be dissolved in water. when we wipe our mouth or face, the paper scraps will remain on the skin, causing an embarrassing situation.

In fact, the tissue paper used in the toilet is not facial tissue. It is a removable toilet paper, which is produced by the same material with toilet paper. It has the same folding style as facial tissue paper. We call it interleave toilet tisse. It is usually packaged in the same delicate plastic bag as the face tissue paper, or directly placed in the paper towel rack. It looks like facial tissue, but it is actually toilet paper. It can be dissolved in water and can be thrown into the toilet. Interleave toilet tissue is more convenient and economical to use. However, because the processing technology is different from that of toilet roll paper, its price is also different. People can purchase according to the actual situation.

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