How to fold a pocket tissue?

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Pocket tissues are a must-have item for anyone on the go. They are compact, convenient, and can come in handy in a variety of situations. However, sometimes it can be a struggle to fold them neatly and compactly. In this article, we will show you a simple and efficient way to fold a pocket tissue.

Why fold a pocket tissue?

Folding a pocket tissue may seem like a trivial task, but it actually has many benefits. Firstly, it allows you to fit more tissues in your pocket or bag, making them more portable. Secondly, a neatly folded tissue is less likely to get crumpled or damaged, ensuring that it is always ready for use. Lastly, a well-folded tissue can also make a good impression, as it shows that you are organized and attentive to detail.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Start by laying the tissue flat on a clean and flat surface. Make sure that the tissue is unfolded and all the edges are aligned.
  2. Fold the tissue in half lengthwise, bringing the top edge down to meet the bottom edge. Press down firmly to create a crease.
  3. Next, fold the tissue in half again, this time bringing the left edge over to meet the right edge. Press down firmly to create another crease.
  4. Now, take the top right corner and fold it down diagonally to meet the bottom left corner. Press down firmly to create a crease.
  5. Repeat the previous step with the top left corner, folding it down diagonally to meet the bottom right corner. Press down firmly to create a crease.
  6. You should now have a triangle shape with the tissue. Take the bottom point of the triangle and fold it up towards the top point, creating a smaller triangle.
  7. Finally, fold the left and right corners of the triangle inwards towards the center, creating a diamond shape. Press down firmly to create a crease.
  8. Your pocket tissue is now neatly folded and ready to be used or stored in your pocket or bag.

Folding hacks

Here are some additional tips and tricks to make folding pocket tissues even easier:

  • Use a hard surface, such as a table or book, to create crisp and clean creases.
  • If you are having trouble keeping the tissue in place while folding, you can use a paper clip or binder clip to hold it in place.
  • For a more compact fold, you can fold the tissue in half one more time before creating the triangle shape.
  • You can also experiment with different folding techniques, such as folding the tissue into a square or rectangle shape.


Folding a pocket tissue may seem like a small task, but it can make a big difference in terms of convenience and organization. By following these simple steps and using some folding hacks, you can easily fold your pocket tissues and always have them ready for use. So next time you reach for a tissue, remember these tips and impress your friends with your perfectly folded pocket tissue.

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