Comparison between bamboo pulp paper and wood pulp paper

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In recent years, bamboo pulp toilet paper has become more and more popular, and the search volume on the Internet has increased year by year. What is the difference between bamboo pulp and wood pulp? The main points are as follows:

  1. Feel different. Wood pulp paper is fine, soft, smooth and strong. Bamboo pulp paper has many paper particles, but the texture is tight and the paper is not easy to break.
  2. Different senses. The color of wood pulp paper is white because of the addition of fluorescent brightener. While the color of air dried bamboo pulp paper is the natural yellow of bamboo after processing.
  3. The production process is different. Wood pulp paper is made from high-quality wood through beating, cooking and other processes. Bamboo pulp paper is produced by using bamboo pulp alone or in a reasonable proportion with wood pulp and straw pulp through papermaking processes such as cooking and rinsing.

Bamboo pulp can be used to produce all the products that wood pulp can produce, such as bamboo pulp toilet roll paper, bamboo pulp paper towel, bamboo pulp facial tissue paper, bamboo pulp kitchen paper towel, etc.

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