Types of Tissue Paper

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Tissue paper are divided into household paper and commercial paper.

Household paper  include small toilet roll, facial tissue paper, pocket tissue, kitchen kitchen towel and etc. Commercial tissue paper include jumbo roll toilet tissue, paper towel and napkins. In the supermarket, the largest sales volume is small toilet roll, followed by kitchen towel.The commercial ones are generally wholesale purchases.

Paper towel can be divided into folding paper towel and hand roll paper towel .

And paper towel is generally placed in a specific dispenser for use.  Folding paper towel can be divided into multifold paper towel, single fold  paper towel and slim fold paper towel according to the folding method and cutting shape.

Napkins can be divided into Lunch Napkin, dinner napkin, cock tail napkins or beverage napkin, tall-fold napkin, low-fold napkin and dispenser napkin according to the use.

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