Is the ink for printing color napkins safe?

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Paper Napkin | 0 comments

For the sake of corporate image, many napkins like to print logos or specific patterns on napkins. Are these inks safe to print on paper napkin? In fact, we don't have to worry. The ink used in the regular tissue factory is food grade water-based ink. In addition, the characteristics of napkins have been fully taken into account, and the paper napkin factory has made special treatment on waterproof, anti-seepage and adhesion during production. We should not be greedy to buy too cheap napkins, but should buy napkins from regular companies at a reasonable price. Generally, the price of printed napkins is 10-20% higher than that of non printed napkins. At present, there are many paper napkin factories that can print napkins in China, but few that can really do well.


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