Is the ink used to print napkins safe

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Paper Napkin | 0 comments

Nowadays, there are many beautiful printed napkins on the market. Printed dinner napkin, printed lunch napkin and cocktail napkin. Many restaurants like to print their logos on napkins for marketing. Are these inks safe? Will it be toxic? In fact, we don't need to worry. The ink used on the printing napkin is food grade contactable ink and is safe.

Ink is divided into ordinary ink, edible ink and food grade contactable ink. Ordinary ink is inedible and is generally used in printed books and non-food packaging. Edible ink is used to print words or patterns on food such as tablets, sweets and fruits. This ink can be eaten with food. Food grade contactable ink is generally inedible, but it can contact with food and mouth, which is safe. Food grade contactable ink is generally used for food packaging printing, including printed paper napkins. Regular paper mills will use qualified food grade contactable ink when producing printed napkins. So, it is generally safe and there is no need to worry about the ink if you purchase printed paper napkin from an eligible paper napkin factory.

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