Paper Towel

    Wholesale Paper Towel Classification

    1. Classification of Paper Towels

    1.1 By Form

    Paper towels can be divided into folded types and rolled types based on their form.

    1.1.1Folded Paper Towels:

    • N-fold paper towels: Commonly used in public restrooms and kitchens, N-fold paper towels are designed to provide one towel at a time, reducing waste and improving hygiene.
    • V-fold paper towels: These are similar to N-fold but folded differently to allow for easier dispensing. They are ideal for high-traffic areas.
    • C-fold paper towels: Known for their thicker and more absorbent material, C-fold towels are perfect for cleaning up larger spills and are often used in healthcare facilities.
    • 5-fold paper towels: Less common but highly efficient, 5-fold towels maximize the number of towels in a dispenser and are suitable for places where storage space is limited.

    1.1.2Rolled Paper Towels:

    • Hand roll paper towels: Typically used in commercial settings, these are designed for use with dispensers that allow for controlled dispensing, helping to reduce waste.
    • Center pull paper towels: Designed to be pulled from the center of the roll, these towels are easy to use and help maintain a clean and tidy environment.
    • Kitchen paper towels: Usually composed of 2-ply or 3-ply laminated sheets, made from virgin wood pulp or bamboo pulp. They have superior absorbency and are safe for direct contact with food, specifically designed for kitchen and cooking scenarios.

    1.2 By Ply

    • Single-ply paper towels: These are thinner and more economical, suitable for light-duty cleaning tasks.
    • Double-ply paper towels: Thicker and more absorbent, double-ply towels are ideal for tougher cleaning jobs and heavy-duty usage.

    1.3 By Material

    • Recycled paper towels: Made from recycled paper, these are an environmentally friendly option, though they might be slightly less soft than virgin pulp towels.
    • Virgin wood pulp paper towels: Made from new, unused wood pulp, these towels are typically softer and more absorbent, providing a premium feel.
    • Bamboo Pulp paper towels: Bamboo pulp is an increasingly popular choice among consumers due to its shorter growth cycle compared to wood pulp. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option that helps protect forests. Bamboo pulp products are becoming more favored for their sustainability.
    • Sugarcane mixed pulp paper towels: it include sugarcane fibers blended with virgin pulp, offer an eco-friendly and high-quality option with enhanced absorbency and strength.

    2. Specifications Terminology for Paper Towels

    When purchasing paper towels in bulk, it's important to understand the product specifications, such as:

    2.1 Folded Paper Towels:

    • Color: The most common colors are white and natural brown, with white being the more popular choice for a clean, hygienic look.
    • Material: Options include virgin wood pulp, recycled paper, or a blend of both.
    • Thickness: Measured by GSM. 30-40gsm for 1ply, and 32-40gsm for 2ply.
    • Folding method: N-fold, V-fold, C-fold, or 5-fold, each offering different benefits in terms of ease of use and efficiency.
    • Dimensions before folding: The size of the paper towel before it is folded, important for determining the coverage area.
    • Dimensions after folding: The size of the towel once folded, which affects how many towels can fit in a dispenser.
    • Packaging of each pack: How the towels are packaged for sale, including the number of towels per pack and whether the packaging is printed or plain.
    • Quantity per pack: The number of towels in each pack.
    • Quantity per box: The number of packs in each box, important for bulk purchasing.
    • Printing on the packaging: Customization options for branding or instructions.
    • Outer carton printing design: Customization options for the outer packaging, which can be important for branding or storage.

    2.2 Rolled Paper Towels:

    • Color: Common colors include white and natural brown.
    • Material: Virgin wood pulp or recycled paper.
    • Thickness: Measured by GSM. 30-40gsm for 1ply, and 32-40gsm for 2ply.
    • Roll height: The height of the roll, which affects how many sheets are on the roll.
    • Roll length: The total length of the paper towel on the roll.
    • Perforation requirements: Whether the towels are perforated for easy tearing.
    • Core size: The size of the cardboard core, which affects compatibility with dispensers.
    • Roll diameter: The overall diameter of the roll, which is important for fitting in dispensers.
    • Packaging of each roll: How each roll is packaged for sale.
    • Quantity per box: The number of rolls in each box.
    • Outer carton printing design: Customization options for branding or storage.

    3.How to Choose

    3.1 If you have specific specifications, you can send us the product specs directly for a quote.

    3.2 If you are unsure of the specifications but have a sample, you can send it to us. We will measure and provide an accurate quote.

    3.3 If you don't know the specifications and don't have a sample to send, but have a competitor's product to benchmark, you can send us the competitor's product or share a picture or link for a reference quote.

    3.4 If none of the above is possible, just let us know your target market and usage scenario. Based on our years of experience, we can recommend product specifications. You can also refer to our catalog for more details.

    4. Common Questions People Ask

    4.1Can you flush paper towels?

    No, you should not flush paper towels as they can cause blockages in plumbing systems. Unlike toilet paper, paper towels do not break down easily in water.

    4.2 Can you recycle paper towels?

    It depends on the local recycling facilities, but generally, used paper towels are not recyclable due to contamination. However, clean, unused paper towels might be accepted in some recycling programs.

    4.3 Can you compost paper towels?

    Yes, if the paper towels are free from chemicals or contaminants, they can be composted. They can add valuable carbon to your compost pile, helping to balance the nitrogen-rich green materials.

    4.4 Can you put a paper towel in an air fryer?

    Yes, you can put a paper towel in an air fryer, but it is generally not recommended. The paper towel can potentially block air circulation, affect cooking performance, and pose a fire risk. Instead, consider using parchment paper or a silicone mat designed for air fryers.

    5. Common Specifications in Different Countries

    United States

    • Folded Paper Towels: Commonly N-fold and C-fold towels, typically white, made from virgin wood pulp or recycled materials. Sizes often include 9.1" x 9.5" (before folding) and 9.1" x 4.5" (after folding).
    • Rolled Paper Towels: Hand roll towels and center pull towels are prevalent. Roll height is commonly 8 inches, roll length ranges from 600 to 800 feet, core size is usually 2 inches.


    • Folded Paper Towels: V-fold and C-fold towels are popular, generally white or natural brown, made from a mix of recycled and virgin materials. Common sizes are 9.4" x 9.1" (before folding) and 9.4" x 3.2" (after folding).
    • Rolled Paper Towels: Center pull and hand roll towels, with roll height often around 8 inches, lengths from 400 to 600 feet, core sizes usually 2 inches.

    United Kingdom

    • Folded Paper Towels: C-fold and Z-fold (similar to V-fold) are most used, available in white and natural brown, made from recycled paper or virgin pulp. Sizes typically include 10" x 10" (before folding) and 10" x 4" (after folding).
    • Rolled Paper Towels: Center pull and hand roll towels, with roll heights of 7.5 inches, lengths from 200 to 400 feet, core sizes usually 2 inches.


    • Folded Paper Towels: V-fold and N-fold towels are popular, available in white and natural brown, commonly made from a mix of recycled and virgin materials. Typical sizes are 8.7" x 8.1" (before folding) and 8.7" x 3.5" (after folding).
    • Rolled Paper Towels: Center pull and hand roll towels, with roll height typically 8 inches, lengths ranging from 300 to 500 feet, core sizes usually 1.75 inches.