Toilet Paper

toilet tissue paper

Standard Roll Toilet Paper

jumbo toilet paper

Jumbo toilet paper

According to the diameter and applicable scenarios, toilet paper is divided into small roll toilet paper and jumbo roll toilet paper.

Small roll toilet paper is generally used in homes or hotel rooms, while jumbo roll toilet paper is more commonly used in public restrooms, such as office buildings, restaurants, parks, or hotel lobbies.

If you need customization, you can go directly to the CUSTOM page, or you can browse our TOILET PAPER PRODUCTS page to refer to our recommended specifications.

Paper Towel

  • Folded Paper Towels

tri fold paper towel

Tri Fold Paper Towels

single fold paper towels

Single Fold Paper Towels

c fold paper towels

C Fold Paper Towels

Folded paper towels are divided into different type to the way they are folded. Their dimensions before and after folding are different, and they are compatible with different towel dispensers. Folded hand towels are usually used in towel dispensers, so it is recommended that you understand the requirements of the towel dispenser before purchasing hand towels.


  • Paper Roll Towels

paper roll towels

Roll Paper Towels

center pull paper towels

Center Pull Paper Towels

kitchen towels paper

Kichen Paper Towels

The paper roll towel dispensers for roll hand towels and center pull paper towels are completely incompatible, so please confirm which product you need before making a purchase.

Our paper hand towels are known for their high absorbency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. They can be lightly customized in small batches to suit your needs.

Paper Napkin

cocktail napkin

Cocktail Napkin

dinner napkin

Dinner Napkin

luncheon napkins

Luncheon Napkins

Dispenser Napkin

tall fold napkins

Tall Fold Napkins

low fold napkins

Low Fold Napkins



Material:White napkin is made from wood pulp, while brown paper napkins are made from bamboo pulp or recycled paper.
Folding Style: Cocktail Napkin and xpressnap are 1/4 folded. Both dinner napkin and luncheon napkins can be folded into 1/4 or 1/8. Tall fold napkins and loww fold napkins are 1/6 folded.
Printed: The napkins mentioned above can be either blank or printed.We can provide printing of 1-2 colors of logo on the napkins.
The thickness of napkin: If single-ply, they can be made of 16-20gsm paper, and if double-ply, they can be made of 12.5-18gsm paper. If printing a logo, the double-ply paper cannot be less than 15gsm.

Facial Tissue

box facial tissue

Box Facial Tissue

box facial tissue

Facial Tissue Soft Pack

pocket tissue

Pocket Tissue

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