How to check the solubility of toilet paper?

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The soubility of toilet paper

Some toilet paper will cause toilet blockage, because the toilet paper adds wet strength. In the production process of papermaking, the addition of wet strength can make the paper towel stronger and not easy to tear, but it will also reduce the water solubility of the paper towel, which may cause blockage of the toilet. In order not to block the toilet, we should use toilet paper with low humidity. We can do a small test to check the solubility of toilet paper. Put the toilet tissue in the water and stir it gently for a while. If the solubility of paper is good, the paper will be completely dissolved in a short time. If the solubility is poor and the wet strength is too high, the toilet paper in the water will not be damaged no matter how long it is stirred.

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I suggest you must confirm the solubility of the toilet paper, because some toilet paper sold in China is added high wet strength. People put toilet paper into trash can after used in China.

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