Interesting Origin Story of Toilet Paper

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Arthur Scott invented toilet paper!

At the beginning of the 20th century, nearly 100 years ago, Scott Paper Company of the United States bought a large number of paper. Due to negligence in the transportation process, the paper surface was wet and wrinkled and could not be used. Faced with the useless paper in a warehouse, everyone did not know what to do.

At the meeting of supervisors, someone suggested returning the paper to the supplier to reduce the loss. This proposal was seconded by everyone. Arthur Scott, the head of the company, did not think so. He thought of making holes in the roll of paper and making it easy to tear it into small pieces. Scott named this paper "Sonny" sanitary napkin, and sold it to train stations, restaurants, schools, and other places to put it in toilets. Because it was very easy to use, it became very popular, and gradually spread to ordinary families, creating a lot of profits for the company.

Nowadays, toilet paper has become an indispensable item in our life, and it gives us many conveniences in life in a variety of ways. Click here to find more toilet paper products.

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