Why is recycled toilet paper more environmentally friendly?

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Toilet Paper | 0 comments

Many people call recycled toilet paper green paper. Why? Recycled toilet paper is a kind of paper made from waste paper through more than ten processes, such as sorting, purification, beating and papermaking. 80% of its raw materials come from recycled waste paper, so it is known as environmental protection paper with low energy consumption and light pollution.

The paper industry is a kind of pollution industry. In the production process, a large amount of polluted sewage will be discharged, of which black liquor is the most serious. 10 tons of black liquor will be discharged for each ton of pulp produced. Recycled paper can reduce wastewater discharge by 50% in the manufacturing process. In particular, it can save several processes in the early stage of papermaking and will not produce black liquor. Therefore, the environmental pollution caused by recycled toilet paper during papermaking is much lower than that of ordinary paper.


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